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The "Prefix Maps" contains information about the divisions originally defined by the "Gruppo Radio Italia Alfa Tango" and now used by about all of the other 11 meters DX groups as well. The divisions corresponds with the DXCC countries defined by the ARRL but are defined by division numbers rather than alphanumeric prefices as for the HAM world.

This identification is much more useful because several different DXCC countries carries the same HAM prefix but have different division numbers, so each DXCC country can be identified by an unique number which helps in accounting the numbers of countries worked. I hope that it will help all operators, either licensed or not, with their common hobby.

Even though this site is thoroughly tested, I cannot give any guarantee that all information is correct and all functions will work as expected. I appreciate any feedback regarding errors in the basic data or the maps, program misbehaviour and of course any violence against the English language in general.

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How QRZ11.COM was founded

QRZ11 was founded in 2007 by Michael Rudloff (V51RU).

The idea building the website QRZ11.COM cam first, when I saw the fantastic radio amateur website QRZ.COM.( Congratulations to Fred Lloyd, AA7BQ )

I thought that a site like QRZ.COM could also help the 11 meter community very much. So the idea of QRZ11.COM was born.

QRZ11.COM is a database and a help-platform for all 11 meter radio operators from all over the word. Here radio operators have the opportunity to publish there QSL-information. This information helps the 11 meter community in every way. Especially, when bad propagation, or any other disturbance interfere a nice QSO.

QRZ11.COM is owned and operated by Michael Rudloff and is located in Windhoek, Namibia. There is no storefront, no office building, no receptionist, and no paid staff. This low cost operating structure has enabled us to remain continuously online and free to the 11 meter community since January 2007.

What is the meaning of QRZ?

Back in the days when radio telegraphy was widely used, QRZ was a shorthand code that meant, "Who is calling me?" It is still used today, even by voice operators during contests or when they simply didn't hear the complete call.

If you'd like to contact Michael by email, please write to michael@qrz11.com

Thanks for visiting the site and for your support.

Michael Rudloff

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A very complete Web, where we will be able to find resources to practice the DX in the Citizen Band, interesting link, radio sets, contest’s bases and, in general, all entire information necessary to practice the CB DX at the highest level.

To highlight, an interesting software’s section that we can need to improve the yield of our sets and antennas when to establish this difficult contact with far stations or to improve our punctuation in a DX context

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Propagation Stats. (Courtesy of hamqsl.com)

Solar flux is a measurement of the intensity of solar radio emissions with a wavelength of 10.7 cm (a frequency of about 2800 MHz). The value broadcast is in solar flux units that range from a theoretical minimum of about 50 to numbers larger than 300.

The A and K indices are a measurement of the behavior of the magnetic field in and around the earth.

The K index uses a scale from 0 to 9 to measure the change in the horizontal component of the geomagnetic field.

A static image of the PropagationStats tool is shown below and the current real-time PropagationStats tool should appear in the left part of this page.

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